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  • Letter of Abstract Acceptance 7 June, 10 June, 2016
  • Schedule and Conference Programme 20 June, 30 June, 2016
  • Accommodation deadline 31 August, 2016


Antonio Acosta Vigil, Michael Brown, Sergio Rocchi and Richard White (contact:

Granitic rocks sensu lato are key elements for building and differentiating Earth’s continental crust. Information about the process of melting in the deep crust of orogens and the resulting melt transfer to shallow levels is encoded in the microstructures, mineral assemblages and mineral compositions, multiphase solid (former melt) inclusions and whole-rock compositions of metamorphic and igneous rocks. However, the details of processes connecting granite magmas at their source regions with high-level granite intrusions, or their volcanic equivalents, are far from clear. As a consequence, we have a poor understanding of the nature and intensity of crustal differentiation associated with the geodynamic settings where granite magmas are produced, including the proportion of crustal growth to crustal reworking. This session will advance our understanding of crustal melting, melt segregation, magma ascent and magma emplacement.

The keynote speakers will be Roberto Weinberg (Monash University, Australia) and Chris Yakymchuk (Univeristy of Waterloo, Canada).

Authors contributing to session S6 will have the possibility to submit associated articles for publication in a Special Section of American Mineralogist devoted to high-grade metamorphism, anatexis and granite magmatism

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