Friday 16th September 2016

Location: Hotel Admiral Palace, Rimini, Italy. 
Convenors: Matteo Alvaro (Pavia), Ross Angel (Padova).

Recent developments in experiment and theory allow the stress state in solid mineral inclusions to be measured accurately and precisely. This allows the measured stress states to be interpreted as entrapment conditions, thus identifying P-T points in the rock history. The methods involve non-linear elasticity as an extension of classical elasticity theory and are complex. The workshop will teach the principles of host-inclusion elasticity, its assumptions and limitations in its current form, and the methods for determining the stress state in and around inclusions. Hands-on exercises with the EosFit software will teach participants how to perform calculations to determine inclusion pressures and entrapment conditions.

Workshop Fee: A reduced workshop fee of 30 euro per person has been made possible by generous support of sponsors.

Registration: This is a satellite workshop of the 2nd European Mineralogical Conference. Please register on the website under the section events, or by sending an email to

Further information:

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