The audio-visual equipment available in the lecture room will include a LCD projector for digital presentation.


Digital file preparation

Computer-based presentations must be prepared in Microsoft PowerPoint for Windows. Before uploading your files, please make sure that they are compatible with Microsoft Office 2007 or above.

Save your presentation on a USB Portable Storage Device. Label the presentation with the day (Mon/Tue/Wed/Thu), lecture room, your name (the presenter), session number, and the presentation number EXACTLY as in this example:

Mon_Arengo_Kriegsman_S6_2.ppt (or pptx).

Please check at home that a PC other than your own can access your presentation.


Oral presentation file submission

Your presentation file must be given to the emc2016 audio-visual technicians at least one day before your oral session by a USB storage device in the speaker’s ready room (Fontana room, first floor), either

a. On Sunday, 11 September 14.00 – 18.00 – this is mandatory for those with a talk on Monday; or

b. On Monday through Wednesday, 12 - 14 September 2016


Opening times of the speaker’s ready room:

Sunday 11 September: 14.00-18.00

Monday 12 September 8.00 - 17.00

Tuesday 13 September 8.00 - 17.00

Wednesday 14 September 8.00 - 17.00

Thursday 15 September 8.00 - 17.00

At these times the audio-visual technician will check your presentation for compatibility with the equipment. This is not an opportunity anymore to modify the content of your presentation.



Please arrive at your allocated room at least 15 minutes before the start of the first presentation in order to meet with the chairperson. All presentations must be given in English, which is the official language of the Conference. If your talk is 15 minutes then please finish after 12 minutes to leave time for questions and discussion. Keynote talks of 30 minutes should finish after 25 minutes to leave time for discussion. The chairperson will give a first signal after 10 minutes, a warning after 12 minutes and prevent further talking after 15 minutes. It is essential for the success of the conference that the speakers keep strictly to this scheme to ensure that all parallel sessions are synchronized. 



Posters will be displayed, following the schedule published in the program, in the poster area.

  • Presenting authors will be provided with one vertical, 242 cm high by 95 cm wide display board. Larger posters will not be permitted.
  • A vertical A0 format (118.9 cm x 84.1 cm) is strongly recommended in order to make the poster easily readable.
  • Poster must be hung using the special adhesive tape that will be provided by the technical staff in the poster area.
  • Each poster is numbered, and must be hung to the board with the same number.
  • Each presenting author is responsible for his/her poster for the duration of display. The organization is not responsible for any damage to posters on display.
  • Posters need to be removed by end of the poster session.