DMG Victor-Moritz-Goldschmidt-Preis (DMG)
Eva E. St
üken (University of Washington, USA)

Nitrogen cycling in the early precambrian: a major player in early evolution and greenhouse warming

Monday, Sept 12, 10.45, Tempio 2


EMU Research Excellence Medal 2015

István János Kovács (Geological and Geophysical Institute of Hungary)

Quantitative infrared spectrometry of water in nominally anhydrous minerals: facts, doubts and beliefs

Monday, Sept 12, 15.45, Arengo


Honorary Fellow 2015 (SIMP)

Frank C. Hawthorne (University of Manitoba, Canada)

Silicate minerals and the structural hierarchy hypothesis: sheet silicates

Tuesday, Sept 13, 9.30, Marina


Hallimond Lecturer (MinSoc)

Kevin M. Rosso (Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, USA)

Pathways and kinetics of biogeochemical redox reactions at the molecular scale

Wednesday, Sept 14, 11.15, Tempio 2