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  • Letter of Abstract Acceptance 7 June, 10 June, 2016
  • Schedule and Conference Programme 20 June, 30 June, 2016
  • Accommodation deadline 31 August, 2016


Matteo Alvaro, Silvio Ferrero and Ross Angel (contact:

Protected by their host minerals which act as “pressure vessels” that prevent post-formation alteration, inclusions yield a wealth of information on geological processes that otherwise would remain invisible at the whole rock scale. Both hosts and inclusions have the capability to record pressure and temperatures of encapsulation, mantle metasomatic processes, magma genesis, mineral solubility, mineral growth, redox processes and mass and heat transfer. The correct interpretation of the geological record preserved in the inclusions – whether they are mineral, poly-phase, melt or fluid inclusions- requires careful microstructural and microchemical investigation of both inclusion and host. Recent methodological and technical advances, in particular in the analysis of solid and melt inclusions, have resulted in new ways of extracting this information. This session will be devoted to a presentation and discussion of new and revised methodologies for the measurement, analysis and geological interpretation of mineral, fluid and melt inclusions. Contributions describing (1) theoretical analysis of host-inclusion systems, (2) methodological advances in inclusion characterization, (3) microstructural studies of fluid, melt and poly-phase inclusions and their hosts in natural rocks, are all welcome.

The Keynote speaker will be Maria Luce Frezzotti (University of Milano Bicocca, Italy)


In association with this session there will be a workshop to teach participants how to measure stress states in solid inclusions, and how to interpret the results as entrapment conditions, thus identifying P-T points in the rock history. Full details on the workshop page.

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food for good

As of 2015, Palacongressi di Rimini offers its clients the opportunity to recover leftover food from their events and donate it to charities . Palacongressi endorses Food For Good - from meeting to solidarity, an initiative born out of a collaboration between Federcongressi, Food Bank and Equoevento. Every year in Italy, over 6 tons of food go to waste; at the same time, there are 10 million people living in poverty, 6.3 of which in conditions of absolute poverty, including 1 million children between the ages of 0-5 years. The contribution of organisers and exhibitors at the Palacongressi is therefore of major importance: with no additional costs and in agreement with Summertrade chefs, the catering company of the Rimini Fiera Group and official partner of the Palacongressi, menus are planned which are suitable both for the guests' needs and for the conservation and transport of any leftovers, resulting in a worthy act of social responsibility for the local area. The results and the feedback we have had in the first months of the project speak for themselves. Contact our staff for more information: always ready to help guide your choice.  The association chosen by Palacongressi is Opera Sant'Antonio di Rimini, a group of volunteers that manages the city's soup kitchen.

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