Interpretive sketch of the central Elba laccolith complex.
 Monte Capanne pluton: a facies rich in K-feldspar megacrysts and mafic microgranular enclaves.

Leaders: Sergio Rocchi, Andrea Dini

Date Thursday-Monday, 15-19 September 2016
Departure 15 September afternoon from the conference venue in Rimini
Arrival 19 September late afternoon at Pisa railway station
Costs 465 € all inclusive. Shared room only. Single room accommodation is subject to availability and is not included in the field trip fee. For more information contact the field leader.
Participants Min 15 - Max 23

The field trip is aimed to (i) visit worked examples of multi-sheet shallow level intrusions, developing a holistic understanding of a laccolith-pluton-dyke swarm complex, (ii) acknowledge the role of field observations in understanding the structural and chronological relationships between magma emplacement, generation of fluid paths/traps and ore deposition.

15-set: Leave Rimini by minivan, overnight in Campiglia Marittima.
16-set: Dykes, pluton overburden displacement and associated base metal skarn deposits, Campiglia Marittima. Ferry to Elba Island in the late afternoon. Overnight in Elba Island.
17-set: Multilayered felsic laccolith with its feeder dykes, Central Elba Island.Overnight in Elba Island.
18-set: Sheeted felsic pluton and late plutonic mafic dyke swarm, Western Elba Island. Overnight in Elba Island.
19-set: Tabular intrusions, low-angle extensional faulting and ore deposits, eastern Elba Island, historical site for iron extraction since Etruscan-Roman times. Leave to Pisa, arriving in late afternoon.