Inferred architecture of the Adriatic margin during the Jurassic rifting. Red circles indicate Fenera, Gozzano and Arona.


Outcrop from the Layered Internal Zone of the Mafic Complex of Finero 

Leaders: Alberto Zanetti, Antonio Langone, Alessandro Decarlis, Luca Martire, Carlo Bertok, Luca Barale

Date Thursday-Sunday, 8-11 September 2016
Departure 8 September, Milan Airports
Arrival 11 September late afternoon at the conference venue in Rimini
Costs 425 € all inclusive. Single occupancy is available. For more information contact the field leader.
Participants Min 14 - Max 23

The lithologic sequence cropping out along the westernmost sector of the Southern Alps, between the Insubric line and the Po plain provides a unique opportunity to document the composition, the structure and the evolutionary features of the Adriatic plate from the surface down to a depth of about 25 km. It consists, from North-West to South-East, of the Ivrea-Verbano Zone, of the Serie dei Laghi and of remnants of Mesozoic sedimentary cover. The field trip intends to track the tectono-magmatic-metamorphic and stratigraphic evolution of this area during Triassic to Early Jurassic, when it finally became a distal rifted margin of the Alpine Tethys. This will be carried out linking the magmatic events and the metamorphic reequilibrations documented at lower crust levels by mantle and crustal rocks, with the corresponding geological evidence at the surface

08-set: Meeting of participants and transfer to the village of Santa Maria Maggiore (Vigezzo Valley). The gathering of the participants will take place by minibus. Three collection points will be envisaged in Milan, namely (1) Metro stop Famagosta, line M2 (2) Linate airport, (3) Malpensa Airport.
09-set: Excursion on the complete sequence of Finero Complex in Val Cannobina, during which participants will visit and discuss the phlogopite-bearing mantle unit, the transition to the layered gabbro intrusion, the amphibole peridotite unit, the external gabbro unit including crustal septa, the crystalline basement formed by amphibolite-bearing metavolcanites and paragneiss. Evening return to the hotel in Val Vigezzo.
10-set: Excursion dedicated to the Mesozoic sedimentary cover and the evidence of structures related to the Jurassic rifting. Morning departure from Val Vigezzo. Stops at (1) Arona (2) Gozzano, (3) Fenera. At the end of the field work, transfer to the headquarter of the "Val Sesia and Val Grande UNESCO Geopark", where the observations in the field will be synthesized in a comprehensive model for the Triassic-to-Lower-Jurassic geodynamic and structural evolution of the Ivrea-Verbano Zone. Besides, Simona Ferrando (Torino) will carry out a presentation Entitled: "The Mesozoic distal margin of the Adriatic plate: crustal thinning and mantle exhumation in the Canavese Zone." Afterwards, visit of a historic wine cellar and tasting of fine, local red wine. Night lodging and dinner in Borgomanero.
11-set 9am: Departure from Borgomanero with destination Pavia (arriving at 10:30). From Pavia participants will reach the EMC2016 venue at Rimini by bus.


Late Marco Beltrando on the outcrops of the Canavese Zone.