Maria Luce Frezzotti, Cristoph Heinrich and Thomas Müller (contact:

Fluids are one of the key parameters for geochemical and geodynamic processes in the crust and play a major role in shaping the modern Earth. Fluid-mineral and fluid-rock interactions and their resulting rock record have been therefore a very active field of research over the past decades. Bruce Yardley, who recently retired from his professorship at the University of Leeds, has been intensively working in this field throughout his career on various aspects ranging from the study of fluid inclusions, fluid-mineral interactions, thermodynamics, experimental to field based metamorphic petrology and low temperature geochemical processes to name only a few. His contributions are highly recognized and significantly advanced our understanding of the role of fluids in the crust.
The session is aimed to cover a broad range of aspect studying fluids in the crust Bruce has been working on to visualize the progress that has been made in the field over the duration of his remarkable career.

The Keynote speaker will be Lukas Baumgartner (Université de Lausanne, Switzerland).