Charles Arthur Geiger, Matteo Ardit and Alan Woodland (contact:

This session is devoted to research relating to experimental, theoretical and computational studies of the structural behavior and energetic properties of minerals. An emphasis is on structure-property relationships, especially for rock-forming minerals (mostly silicates and oxides) and their synthetic analogues. Contributions from several research areas are welcomed. They include: i) diffraction and spectroscopic investigations relating to order-disorder and solid-solution behavior and how they affect phase stability, ii) phase equilibrium, stability relationship investigations, and thermodynamic property determinations, particularly when combined with microscopic considerations and iii) kinetic studies of, for example, atomic diffusion. Work on nanophases, mineral surfaces and their reactions, and other novel mineral property studies are also welcomed. This session will not cover studies mainly focused on purely descriptive mineralogy, crystal structure determinations or refinements, and mineral chemistry.

The Keynote speaker will be Aaron C. Palke (Gemological Institute of America, USA).