Gilberto Artioli, Corina Ionescu and Sabine Klein (contact:

Providing analytical data for archaeology, art, and conservation is an application-oriented field for mineralogists. Mineralogy lies in a special position between Earth sciences and materials science; therefore it involves a profound perception of the complexity of natural materials. Possessing the knowledge of the geological and physico-chemical processes acting on both the natural materials, and the man-made artifacts, the mineralogists commonly master most of the methods and techniques required to investigate our cultural heritage. However, mineralogical expertise is far beyond the sole gathering of analytical information, encompassing: development of analytical techniques, elemental and phase analysis, microstructure analysis, reconstruction of ancient technological processes, tracing of the material sources, understanding of soil-deposition and weathering processes, and defining conservation strategies. The session aims to present the full spectrum of mineralogical activities in the field.